The Way to Sound Better

The A.L.E Advantage over Conventional Reed Knife

1- You can take the ALE Reed Balancer on a commercial airplane.

2- You can take the ALE Reed Balancer into a public school.

3- It is almost impossible to gouge the Reed you are balancing when using the ALE Reed Balancer in the correct fashion. 

4- Works on either side of the Reed.

5 -Lifetime Guarantee on materials and workmanship.

6- Free lifetime Sharpening.  ( just pay Shipping and handling). 

7- Free Lifetime Replacement. ( must return your damaged ALE Reed Balancer  and pay Shipping and handling ).

8- The ALE Reed Balancer is small enough to fit inside any Woodwind Caring case.

9- Good for all types of woodwind reeds. 

10- Protective plastic sleeve protects your instrument from damage

11- Lightweight.

12- Made in the USA.

13- Stainless Steel.

14- Edges are sharp but not to the touch yet it will shave wood. 

15- Will pay for itself within 2 regular size boxes of Reeds.

16- Works on both single and double sided reeds